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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Public transportation in the tourism industry

Curacao is an increasingly popular tourist destination. As in many other tourist destinations, travel agencies and hotels offer a variety of transportation services for tourists. Supermarkets, restaurants, car rental agencies and hotels have also started offering (complimentary) transportation services for tourists.

According to the Island Decree on public transportation, a permit is required for the transportation of people or groups. The law prescribes that (providing) unauthorized public transportation is punishable by a penalty of Naf 2,500 or 30 days in prison. The background of these regulations is basically to protect the government-owned public transportation system and the taxi-industry. Since the transportation services for tourists described above are of a public nature, it is, in principle, necessary to have a permit to provide these services.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pledging future receivables in the Dutch Caribbean

Under the laws of the Netherlands Antilles, a right of pledge may be established on future receivables, however, the right of pledge on a future receivable will only be perfected the moment such a receivable comes into existence, provided that, at such a time, the pledgor is authorized to dispose over or encumber such receivables (‘beschikkingsbevoegd’).

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