Within the jurisdictions Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands, the lawyers and tax advisers of Spigt Dutch Caribbean focus specifically on the following services:

i) tax litigation and disputes with the Receivers’ office or the local tax authorities, 

ii) advice with respect to local (family-owned) businesses, 

iii) advice on privacy and asset protection for individuals and companies; and

iv) advice on investments in or via the Dutch Caribbean.

Tax litigation and collection measure disputes 

 Spigt Dutch Caribbean  extensive experience with  tax litigation matters and disputes. Additional tax assessments, fines, voluntary disclosures, lodging of notices of objection or appeals, collection disputes or requests for exchange of tax information: the lawyers and tax advisers of Spigt Dutch Caribbean are prepared to take action. Out-of-court settlements are often preferred, but are at times impossible, prejudicial or delaying. A notice of objection, an appeal or a proceedings might be a better solution.

Advice with respect to local (family-owned) businesses 

 Spigt Dutch Caribbean advises on national and international aspects of your (family-owned) business. Not only is attention paid to the position of the business itself, but also the possible effects on you as a shareholder are considered as well as your other shareholders or possible descendants or successors. Spigt Dutch Caribbean does not only advice on (re)structuring but can also assist you with the implementation of advice structure. We have extensive experience with coming up with creative solutions within the possibilities that our tax and civil laws prescribe. 

Privacy & asset protection for individuals and companies

 The protection and preservation of property is crucial. The Dutch Caribbean jurisdictions offer you a wide variety of possibilities and solutions. A private foundation in Curaçao or Bonaire? A trust, a limited partnership or a cooperative association? What are the differences and what are the advantages? Your ideal solution depends on your ultimate objectives and goal. Privacy & asset protection solutions often find their substance in civil law. Tax aspects are inevitable and should be carefully considered; Spigt Dutch Caribbean happily provides guidance and assistance in such a process. 

Investments in or via the Dutch Caribbean 

 A structure should be aimed at the future. To prevent adjustments or alterations at a later stage, Spigt Dutch Caribbean prefers to build a solid structure at the start of, or prior to, your investment in or via the Dutch Caribbean. Prior approval on a transaction or tax treatment from the Tax Authorities may be obtained for investments in or via the Dutch Caribbean. Certainty can be obtained for holding, tax exempt, transparent and e-zone companies as well as tax holidays for certain qualifying projects.  Spigt Dutch Caribbean relies on a large network within the governmental departments, fiscal authorities, civil-law notaries, trust service providers and foreign tax advisors, lawyers and banks. This network enables us to make the structuring of your investment a smooth operation.