Coronavirus Task Force

These are challenging times. At Spigt Dutch Caribbean we are ready to help you to ensure the continuity of your business as much as possible to prepare and implement the next steps to take in this crisis, and to assist you with planning your post-coronavirus business future. 

Task Force 

We aim to assist our clients, the business community and government institutions with mitigating the social, business and economic risks posed by the outbreak. We have created a special Task Force to provide you with legal assistance in matters relating to employment, tax, contracts, banking & finance, restructuring and insolvency. 

Corona-related questions that come up, and about which we can advise you include: 

  • Should I maintain my current work force as I foresee no work for them in the near future? 
  • Do I need to continue paying taxes as usual (for instance profit tax, wage tax, turnover tax)?
  • Do the outbreak of the coronavirus and the measures implemented by governments qualify as Force Majeure for my contracts?
  • Do I need to continue making payments on my business loans or is it possible to re-negotiate payment of principal and interest with the bank?
  • How can I restructure my current business?
  • If I run out of liquidity, what insolvency options do I have?

Continuity of our services 

The continuity of our services is guaranteed, also when we are working out of our homes. 


If you have any questions please reach out to your trusted contact at our firm. You can also contact us via our dedicated email address

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